In a historic turn of events, Camden Apothecary is the nation’s first dispensary located within a pharmacy. This move helps to bridge a gap in history that spans nearly a century. As the narrative of cannabis across the United States evolves, Camden Apothecary marks a significant milestone.

The story of cannabis in America has been full of controversy and change. Cast into the shadows by federal prohibition in 1937, cannabis, also known as marijuana, has traveled a long road from widespread condemnation to gradual acceptance. Camden Apothecary stands at the forefront of this transformation as a beacon for cannabis users. Not only does it demonstrate modern progress in the cannabis industry, but it also holds a unique connection to the past.

“We’re the only facility that was dispensing cannabis before its prohibition in 1937, and here we are again doing it in 2024,” explains Anthony Minniti, the pharmacist at the helm of Camden Apothecary. This remarkable statement underscores the deep historical roots of the establishment. Located inside the Bell Rexall Pharmacy at Haddon and Kaighn Avenue in Camden, this dispensary is not just another cannabis outlet. It is a living chronicle of the pharmacy’s evolution.

Inside, the business is similar to a museum of pharmaceutical history. The walls are adorned with old bottles, each narrating a different chapter of the past century. These relics are not mere decorations but symbols of a legacy preserved through generations. The pharmacy’s previous owners were meticulous conservators, leaving behind artifacts that have become treasures in the present day. Among these is a label from the 1930s for a cannabis tincture, a poignant reminder of the pharmacy’s historical association with cannabis.

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The dispensary, which caters to both recreational and medical customers, features an innovative ‘bud bar.’ This setup allows customers to closely examine and smell the cannabis flower before making a purchase. “We think it’s important when our guests are investing in a purchase, that they understand what it is that they’re getting, and the bud bar allows them the opportunity to actually sample and see what they’re buying,” Minniti says, emphasizing the importance of an informed purchase.

Smelling the product before buying is encouraged and likened to sampling fine liquor or cigars. “It lets you get a sense of the taste or the aroma,” Minniti adds, highlighting the sensory experience integral to selecting cannabis.

Camden Apothecary’s offerings are not limited to traditional smoking options. Recognizing the diverse preferences and needs of their customers, the dispensary also provides alternatives such as lozenges and concentrates. This inclusive approach ensures that all customers, regardless of their consumption preferences, find something that suits their needs.

The opening of Camden Apothecary is more than just the launch of a new business. It is a symbolic reunion of cannabis with its former legal status in pharmacies. This unique dispensary serves as a reminder of the complex history of cannabis in America, and perhaps, a harbinger of its future.

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