CBD Kratom, an independently owned cannabis company renowned for its eight stores in the Dallas area, is set to make waves at select Texas Live events. Known as a hotspot for entertainment, food, and music, Texas Live is upping its game by partnering with CBD Kratom to introduce the sale of a carefully curated selection of CBD products. This strategic collaboration marks a significant departure from the norm as the cannabis company dives into the vibrant atmosphere of Texas Live, offering attendees a unique and enriching experience.

CBD Kratom has been a notable presence at Texas Live, actively engaging in advertising and promotional activities. However, the upcoming events signal a new chapter as the company steps into the realm of selling CBD products at these lively gatherings. Jason Brandl, Chief Operating Officer of CBD Kratom, provided a sneak peek into the products that will be featured at Texas Live. Brandl shared that attendees can expect a variety of products as the company showcases an array of CBD-infused treats such as caramels, taffies, and gummies.

While CBD Kratom offers a diverse range of products, including Kratom, a tropical evergreen leaf from the coffee family, the focus at Texas Live will be primarily on CBD-infused treats. This deliberate decision to sell products directly at events, as opposed to traditional promotional methods, highlights the company’s commitment to engaging with its customers more directly and interactively.

Brandl emphasized that certain products may induce a psychotropic effect akin to the head or body high associated with cannabis or marijuana. However, he reassured consumers that all products undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure compliance with legal limits. The legality of CBD is underlined by the federal 2018 Farm Bill and a Texas state law enacted in 2019, legalizing hemp farming, as well as the sale and possession of hemp-derived CBD oil containing less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana.

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In addition to the introduction of CBD products, CBD Kratom is taking a proactive approach to consumer education, understanding the vital importance of keeping its users informed about the products they consume. Brandl expressed the company’s commitment to providing information on product details, potential interactions with alcohol, and the necessity of responsible consumption. CBD Kratom’s COO stressed that understanding your body and how CBD impacts each individual is crucial to ensuring safe and responsible consumption while having a fun time.

While Texas Live has not issued an official statement regarding this collaboration, Arlington police are encouraging consumers to stay informed about state laws governing allowable THC contents in CBD products. They also emphasized that marijuana remains illegal in Texas, with criminal charges and penalties applicable to those found in possession, manufacturing, or distributing it under state law.

As CBD Kratom makes major waves at the Texas Live events, it brings not only an exclusive array of CBD products and treats but also a commitment to education, responsibility, and an enhanced experience for event attendees looking to explore the world of CBD in a safe, enjoyable, and memorable environment.