Gloria Govan, a prominent figure intersecting celebrity and cannabis, leaves her mark on the nuanced cannabis industry. Through the success of the cannabis agency RLNTLSS Brands and beyond, Govan adeptly navigates uncharted territory as a woman of color, handling challenges and triumphs with grace, resilience, and a commitment to championing women of color.

Becoming a young mother to twins marked a pivotal moment, setting the stage for her entrance into reality television. That exposure thrust her personal life into the unforgiving gaze of public scrutiny. The whirlwind of a high-profile relationship followed by the stark reality of divorce became a test of her mettle. Through the pain, Govan discovered that true strength lies in weathering the storm and rising from its aftermath.

Embracing her role as a role model, Govan embarked on a new chapter that involved blending families and venturing into the unique cannabis industry. In 2013, her initial foray into the cannabis business began with the acquisition of a manufacturing license, a strategic move to expand her knowledge of manufacturing, strains, and variants. The journey culminated in establishing the celebrity brand management agency RLNTLSS Brands in 2020, focusing on merging business, cannabis, and culture.

Partnering with industry veteran Scott Lambert and global superstars like Whoopi Goldberg, Govan aimed to elevate the medicinal uses of marijuana, with a particular emphasis on women’s health. At RLNTLSS, she oversees celebrity-backed cannabis brands, managing aspects such as retail collaborations, distribution, and cultivation – poised for significant future growth.

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Govan’s impactful presence extends beyond the business arena. She hosted the inaugural Cannabis and Celebrity basketball game in Phoenix, Arizona, adding diversity and inclusion both on and off the court. The event showcased Govan’s pioneering spirit, making history in sports and entertainment. Govan’s journey to success has been an odyssey, weaving threads of hardship, resilience, and evolution. 

RLNTLSS Brands, founded in 2013 by Govan, is a comprehensive cannabis agency offering extensive brand management from cultivation to consumption. The standout company, headquartered in Los Angeles, collaborates with celebrity brands, retail partnerships, and business expansion within and outside the cannabis industry.

Her mother’s 2005 breast cancer diagnosis sparked Govan’s keen interest in cannabis. The trailblazer now owns 13 vertically integrated licenses throughout Southern California. Passionate about modernizing and elevating the cannabis space for brands, vendors, and consumers, Govan is recognized as a dynamic and forward-thinking leader in the field.

Through a partnership with Alta Fund, Govan aims to expand opportunities for minorities, particularly women of color, in the cannabis industry. Her passion for cannabis and entrepreneurial experience drive her commitment to breaking down barriers for minorities and fostering a more diverse and inclusive future.

Gloria Govan’s distinct journey is an inspiring testament to the ability of women of color to thrive in a robust range of fields. Her achievements inspire those who aspire to dream big and shatter conventional limits. With her vision and determination, RLNTLSS Brands continues to redefine the ever-evolving cannabis industry.