Famed rapper and marijuana-enthusiast Snoop Dogg recently triggered a strange moment of self-reflection in the pro-cannabis community when he posted on social media that, “After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke.” This would be a marketing ploy paid for by a company advertising smokeless fire pits, but it took time for Snoop Dogg to let the public in on the game. In the moment between the tweet and the reveal of the ad campaign, marijuana smokers and Snoop fans had a short time to ask themselves important questions.

What did it mean for the primary icon of marijuana use to give it up? Who would advocate for it on the same level? On the other hand, some addiction experts took Snoop Dogg’s joke in an entirely different way, calling the ruse disrespectful to those struggling with real marijuana abuse. Snoop Dogg is not, however, the only celebrity who has used marijuana or quit using marijuana. Celebrities represent many approaches to marijuana use that fans can look to as examples.

Advocates for Recreational and Medical Use

Seth Rogan, the famed comedian and filmmaker, is an energetic proponent of marijuana. Having been quoted as saying he is “not quite cut out for this world, but weed makes it okay,” Seth Rogan has gone on record saying he smokes weed “all day” as part of his routine.

Other celebrities rely on marijuana for medical reasons. Lady Gaga smokes for creativity, having once told 60 Minutes, “I smoke a lot of pot when I write music,” but she has also been open about how marijuana helps her deal with her chronic pain. Comedian Pete Davidson has likewise said in interviews that he uses marijuana daily to help him deal with his borderline personality disorder and Crohn’s disease. However, he’s also been quoted to say, “I also just love smoking weed.”

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Advocates for Setting Marijuana Aside

Other recreational users include Miley Cyrus, who has said that she uses marijuana in her downtime. She’s been quoted saying that when she’s working, she likes to “Function at my highest, most intelligent,” which means no smoking on the job.

If the public is looking for a cannabis-positive celebrity who has given up smoke, they can think of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s been open about her recreational use of marijuana and alcohol, particularly during her Hunger Games days. She’s been quoted talking about her time with co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, “The boys and I would always go back to our hotel and just drink whiskey and get stoned,” but in the same interview, she said, “I don’t do it anymore. I’m a mum!”

Marijuana Doesn’t Need to Be a Brand

Snoop Dogg is synonymous with marijuana use because he’s built a brand around it. He’s a great rapper and a stellar entrepreneur, using his music platform to launch marijuana-related business ventures like his “Leafs by Snoop” cannabis brand. The way most celebrities use marijuana, however, is not that different from the way their fans use marijuana. Whether it’s for pain, recreation, creativity, or just out of habit, there’s no shortage of celebrities who can serve as examples for marijuana enthusiasts.