Missouri’s ever-growing cannabis landscape has given rise to a unique establishment set to redefine the experience of communal cannabis consumption. The Treehouse Lounge will be opening on November 11. Nestled within the Summers at the River Sports Complex in Nixa, it offers a groundbreaking approach to cannabis culture.

It is important to note that The Treehouse Lounge provides a welcoming and comfortable space for marijuana consumption and education but will not be selling marijuana. Co-owner AJ Chamberlain describes it as a “YMCA for cannabis.”

Scheduled events like the recent Pumpkin Paint & Pass Night hint at the diverse experiences this lounge offers. The plan is to open on Fridays from 5-10 p.m., Saturdays from noon to 10 p.m., and Sundays from noon to 6 p.m. They also plan on broadening the hours as time goes on to fit more schedules.

The Treehouse Lounge is designed to cater to both seasoned cannabis users and newcomers. It boasts a range of equipment for cannabis consumption, including a rosin press that allows patrons to create their marijuana extracts. This is meant to help those who are new to cannabis and help them learn more about the consumption of the plant.

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Equipment rental is available for bowls, gravity bongs, and advanced vaporizers, with fees ranging from $5 to $20 per day. The lounge maintains rigorous hygiene standards by thoroughly cleaning rental pieces after each use.

The Treehouse Lounge hopes to create a place that can be an educational and social experience instead of just a place to consume cannabis. They will have classes on the aspects of marijuana, such as its evolution over the years, the distinctions between Sativa and Indica strains, home cultivation tips, and even cannabis etiquette, fostering open conversations about this often subject that many people are unsure of how to discuss.

The Cola Lounge in St. Louis, which has been open since 2019, and other similar establishments serve as inspiration for The Treehouse Lounge. These lounges are a prime example of the rising demand for locations that accommodate cannabis enthusiasts and encourage candid conversations about the drug.

The Treehouse Lounge is interestingly located just outside Nixa’s city limits, a calculated decision that spares it from the city’s smoking ban. The lounge functions as a “private club,” so it would remain exempt even if it were within city limits. Because of this exclusive model, which requires guests to become members, the lounge is not accessible to the general public.

The Treehouse Lounge offers three membership tiers: daily passes for $15, weekly passes for $35, and annual memberships for $420. Some may notice that the $420 cost is an ode to the number 420, such as 4:20 in the afternoon or April 20, which is synonymous with consuming cannabis. Annual members gain access to locker spaces and enjoy a 50% discount on event costs. Membership is limited to 21 and over, with a mandatory entry waiver.

The Treehouse Lounge offers a distinctive and instructive setting for enthusiasts to congregate, learn, and mingle and is positioned to play a significant role in Missouri’s changing cannabis scene. This will be influential in normalizing cannabis more in the Ozark area. The Treehouse Lounge is proof that marijuana is becoming a more accepted recreational drug as Missouri legalizes it for recreational use.