Cannabis enthusiasts eagerly gathered at the iconic Los Angeles Original Cannabis Cafe for a special Kushmas celebration on a Sunday night. Proudly presented by Weedmaps, the unique event not only signified the grand reopening of the venue, formerly home to the renowned Lowell Cafe, but also served as an “Elevated Holiday Event” for all attendees fortunate enough to partake.

Upon crossing the threshold into the venue, each guest was warmly greeted with a thoughtful goodie bag from Weedmaps, setting the tone for an evening of enhanced experiences. Additionally, a generously laden tray of pre-rolls, courtesy of Dizzies and Helena Farms, featured prominently as two signature brands showcased on the menu at OG Cannabis Cafe, alongside Huxley’s and WAV.

A notable departure from the former Lowell Cafe experience was the reimagined menu at OG Cannabis Cafe. While Lowell’s menu resembled the extensive offerings of a restaurant, OG Cannabis Cafe took a more curated approach, exclusively featuring its own line of products. This adjustment, however, did not diminish the diverse array of flavors and options available for patrons to explore and enjoy.

The evening’s hosts, affectionately known as Mr. and Mrs. Canna Clause, added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities. They circulated the venue, carrying a sizable sack of goodies for guests to dip their hands into, unveiling a trove of delightful surprises. As the evening unfolded into the early hours, the venue became a bustling hub of activity, with attendees relishing the freedom to enjoy joints outdoors, complemented by the provision of heaters and blankets. Strategically placed Stundenglass gravity bongs on tables added an extra dimension of enjoyment for cannabis connoisseurs.

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Along with the cannabis revelry, a compliant beer garden beckoned guests with a selection of wine, beer, and sangria. Notably, attendees were kindly reminded to keep alcohol within the confines of the beer garden, respecting the dedicated cannabis area’s distinct ambiance.

While the Kushmas Sweater contest undoubtedly claimed the spotlight, the culinary offerings were a close second. Attendees were treated to a delectable spread that included mouthwatering mac and cheese balls paired with tomato soup, tantalizing ahi tuna tacos, honey-drizzled chicken tenders, savory beef sliders, and a delightful assortment of mini ice cream sandwiches, and churro bites for dessert.

The return of OG Cannabis Cafe had been highly anticipated, and Weedmaps recognized the partnership as a natural and seamless fit. Brittany Carr, Weedmaps’ Regional Marketing Manager, expressed the company’s commitment to fostering insider community events. She deemed the event as the perfect opportunity to offer top-notch cannabis and food, along with wine and beer next door, all while bringing the cannabis community together in a cohesive space. 

Weedmaps orchestrated an exclusive and unforgettable Kushmas celebration at the revitalized OG Cannabis Cafe, creating an atmosphere where cannabis aficionados could revel in a harmonious blend of quality products, delectable cuisine, and festive camaraderie. The event marked a significant re-opening and exemplified Weedmaps’ dedication to creating immersive and memorable experiences within the vibrant and ever-expanding cannabis community. Kushmas served as proof of Weedmaps’ adept ability to curate an elevated holiday event with lasting impact.