Calyxeum, the Detroit-based cannabis cultivator and processor, is set to make its mark with the grand opening of its first retail dispensary in Detroit on Saturday, April 20, 2024. Teaming up with renowned Michigan cannabis retailer Moses Roses, Calyxeum will unveil “Moses Roses Powered By Calyxeum” on 4/20, a significant date in the cannabis industry calendar.

Owned and operated by longstanding cannabis advocates and Detroit natives Rebecca Colett and LaToyia Rucker, Calyxeum has been a labor of love for the dynamic duo since its inception in 2019. Opening their retail dispensary at 6237 Federal St. represents the final piece of Calyxeum’s vertically integrated puzzle, complementing their existing cannabis growing and processing facilities in Detroit and Lansing, Michigan.

This adult-use cannabis retail store will offer a premium selection of products catering to customers aged 21 and over. From bulk flower to packaged varieties, the dispensary will showcase an extensive lineup of legal cannabis products designed to cater to diverse preferences. Customers can indulge in an array of boutique flower genetics, Michigan brand gummies, and pre-rolls, including Calyxeum’s signature dessert gummy line and rosin-infused pre-rolls. Each product reflects Calyxeum’s commitment to quality and innovation, promising an unmatched experience for guests.

Rebecca Colett, CEO of Calyxeum and co-owner of Moses Roses Powered By Calyxeum, expressed her excitement about this milestone. “Being a Black woman-owned and operated, vertically-integrated cannabis company in our hometown of Detroit means a lot to us. It’s an achievement we’re incredibly proud of as we help redefine the cannabis experience.”

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Colett brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and cannabis advocacy to the table. With nearly a decade in the legal medical and adult-use cannabis industry, she has collaborated with regulatory bodies like the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) in California and the Cannabis Regulatory Agency in Michigan. Colett’s leadership extends to national organizations like the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), where she serves as vice president of operations.

LaToyia Rucker, COO of Calyxeum and co-owner of Moses Roses Powered By Calyxeum shares Colett’s enthusiasm. “Our work is far from finished. We’re fully aware of the challenges that still exist for minorities entering the cannabis industry. Let’s celebrate our accomplishments on this special 4/20 and continue paving the way for others in cannabis.”

Rucker’s entrepreneurial journey spans various industries, from cannabis to fitness. She has been instrumental in community outreach and education, frequently sharing her expertise with local and national media. As a trailblazer, Rucker aims to inspire and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women and minorities, looking to make their mark in the cannabis sector.

The grand opening of Moses Roses Powered By Calyxeum on 4/20 promises exciting highlights, including product specials, live entertainment with a DJ, free food, and comedy. The dispensary will operate daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., offering a welcoming space for cannabis enthusiasts.

Calyxeum’s expansion into retail signifies a significant achievement for Colett, Rucker, and the entire Calyxeum team. As Detroit natives and successful business leaders in the community, they remain committed to giving back and supporting their neighborhoods. Advocacy efforts extend beyond Detroit, encompassing the broader cannabis landscape as the industry moves closer to federal legalization.

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Moses Roses Powered By Calyxeum marks a significant milestone in Calyxeum’s evolution into a vertically integrated cannabis company in Michigan. Located at 6237 Federal Street in Detroit, this flagship dispensary embodies the spirit of innovation and community that defines Calyxeum’s vision for the future of cannabis.