According to reports, adult-use cannabis buyers in the state of Connecticut will soon see an increase in transaction limits starting Friday, December 1, 2023. The new limits will be placed on a per-transaction basis.

While existing limits for medical marijuana patients will remain untouched, adult-use cannabis purchasers will see transaction limits raised to at least one ½ ounce of raw flower or the equivalent of other cannabis products. Medical marijuana patients do not have any pre-transaction limits and are currently able to purchase up to five ounces per month.

The decision to raise transaction limits is being enacted due to an all-inclusive analysis of the present supply and demand metrics. The DCP has ensured that both medical marijuana patients and recreational users will have consistent access to cannabis products, emphasizing the significance of these limits.

DCP Commissioner Bryan T. Cafferelli said, “DCP has continually reviewed available supply and demand since prior to the launch of the adult-use cannabis industry in January 2023.” He continued to say, “As more retailers, production companies, and other supply chain licenses have come online, the capacity of the industry has increased. We are confident this measured approach to adult-use sales has resulted in a healthy market for businesses and a safe and fair marketplace for adult-use cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients.”

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In an effort to break down exactly what the increased limits will look like, a ½ ounce of raw flower or its equivalent can mean several things. For example, if purchasing only pre-rolled joints, the new transaction limit will be up to 14 of these joints weighing one gram each. Four to eight vape cartridges will be sold per transaction if they are either 1 ml or 0.5 ml sizes. Regarding edibles, adult-use cannabis buyers can purchase standard-sized brownies or cookies equivalent to .08 grams of raw cannabis flower, with each serving limited to five milligrams of THC. These examples should give consumers a thorough idea of what to expect.

While current state law permits users to possess anywhere up to 1 ½ ounces of cannabis, consumers are also able to store up to five ounces in places such as a locked container at home or sealed within a trunk or glovebox during transportation.

Of course, the DCP is actively encouraging users to exercise their utmost responsibility while partaking in cannabis. The statements from the DCP are not only aimed toward individuals actively using cannabis flower or cannabis products but also extend to express the importance for consumers to store products securely. The DCP urges users to secure all products in their original packaging and ensure they are locked up out of view and beyond the reach of any children or pets in their homes. Individuals who wish to receive further information or guidance on responsible cannabis use and additional related details can visit

The new limits come more than two years after the original approval for adult use in June 2021. The initial authorization granted licensed retailers the right to begin selling cannabis and cannabis products to adults on January 10, 2023.