Innovating in the arena of wellness and alternative health solutions, JANE arrives as a trailblazing brand offering a line of low-dose cannabis products meticulously crafted for women. The inventive venture is spearheaded by Michelle Courtright, a Minneapolis resident and cancer survivor whose personal journey has shaped the brand and become an inspiration in the evolving world of cannabis use, particularly among middle-aged women.

Harvard University’s eye-opening 2022 survey shed light on a significant trend—nearly 80% of mid-life women found relief from menopausal symptoms through cannabis use. Menopause, a shared yet often isolating experience, fueled the quest for more options, prompting Minneapolis resident Crystal Brown to delve into alternative solutions. Brown’s exploration led her to the groundbreaking world of JANE, where Founder and CEO Michelle Courtright’s vision reflects an understanding of the challenges women face as they navigate the complexities of aging.

Courtright’s personal journey includes a battle with breast cancer in 2017, a pivotal experience that became the driving force behind the creation of JANE. Confronted with the taxing side effects of chemotherapy, Courtright sought solace in medical cannabis. Now, five years into remission, her mission extends beyond personal healing to offering support and relief to other women confronting similar challenges. JANE’s product line primarily consists of tinctures, carefully formulated with low doses of THC and CBD, each addressing specific needs and symptoms that women commonly encounter.

Explaining the usage of JANE products, Courtright clarifies that they are droplets that go under the tongue. Users are advised to hold them there for about 30 seconds, and the effects typically manifest in approximately 15 to 20 minutes. These purse-sized products cover a spectrum of needs, from pain management and improved sleep to addressing menopausal symptoms and supporting cancer patients.

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Zelda Curti, after trying JANE products, expressed her pleasant surprise at feeling more relaxed without experiencing the typical high associated with cannabis use. Curti shared that she experienced a sense of relaxation and calmness after using the product. During menopause, women often feel agitated and, despite the limited research on cannabis and menopause, women like Curti and Brown have found this alternative to traditional medicine to be transformative.

Reflecting on her journey, Brown expressed that the experience has been wonderful and paradigm-shifting. Courtright envisions a future where micro-dosing cannabis empowers women to take control of their health. She emphasized that her hope is for women to realize they have a lot of control through micro-dosing cannabis.

JANE, as a brand, embodies meticulous care in its production process. All products are thoroughly tested and locally produced from Minnesota hemp, ensuring quality and adherence to standards. With prices ranging from $29 to $49, JANE presents a viable and accessible option for women seeking natural and effective solutions to address their unique health needs.

As the cannabis world continues to evolve, JANE remains a standout product line with a refreshingly compassionate and innovative approach to women’s wellness. Guided by the personal journey and commitment of its founder, Michelle Courtright, JANE is poised to become a prominent player in alternative health solutions for women, encouraging them to embrace a natural and empowering approach to their well-being.