This weekend, Mundelein, Illinois, will be buzzing with music enthusiasts and history in the making. The “Miracle in Mundelein” festival is set to become the state’s inaugural concert, permitting attendees to consume marijuana on-site openly. True to the theme, the headlining acts comprise cannabis aficionados Cypress Hill, Stephen Marley, and Action Bronson.

Beginning on Saturday afternoon, this two-day extravaganza is not just about the music. Attendees will be treated to freebies like rolling papers, lighters, and grinders. They can also indulge in dab bars and polling stations, while the marijuana products will be available from an adjoining retailer.

The event is exclusively for those aged 21 and above, with consumption of cannabis restricted to within the event premises. Organizers emphasize this as a golden chance for the cannabis community to model responsible behavior. The event’s website encourages attendees to uphold the established guidelines, showcasing the community’s commitment and respect.

While the concert exudes a relaxed vibe, specific regulations will be in place. For instance, nonresidents must adhere to the state’s possession limits: 15 grams of flower, 250 milligrams of edibles, and 2.5 grams of concentrates. Purchases should be from licensed Illinois retailers and in original packaging, though sealing isn’t mandatory. Attendees can carry small smoking devices, but these should not exceed six inches. Vape pens are welcome, too, provided they fall within the 2.5-gram concentrate boundary.

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Scheduled between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. on both days, tickets are still up for grabs but are nearing a sell-out.

Since Illinois gave the green light to marijuana in 2019, its journey has been noteworthy. The state witnessed its first legal sale a year later. Governor J.B. Pritzker, an ardent supporter of legalization, pointed out that almost a third of cannabis sales come from non-residents. Although the prices of cannabis products in Illinois are significantly higher than the national average, Pritzker emphasized the burgeoning nature of this sector, citing its contribution of nearly $450 million to state and local exchequers.

Reports indicate that Illinois is the U.S.’s third-largest cannabis market, trailing only Michigan and California. With an impressive tax rate applied and local jurisdictions having the autonomy to impose an additional tax, the total can exceed 40%.

July witnessed Illinois marijuana retailers ringing up sales of $140 million, the second-highest since the launch of the adult-use market in 2020. December 2022 holds the record, with cannabis sales topping $143 million, taking the annual tally to a whopping $1.5 billion.

Governor Pritzker’s proactivity doesn’t stop at statistics. He’s championed the cannabis industry, approving provisions that enable licensed cannabis businesses to avail of state tax deductions. A feat they can’t currently achieve federally due to the IRS code 280E. He also highlighted that over 30,000 jobs have sprouted in this sector since 2020.

Moreover, Pritzker is committed to rectifying past wrongs. He recently endorsed a bill streamlining societal reentry for those previously incarcerated. He proudly stated his role in deleting over 800,000 minor cannabis arrest records, granting pardons for 26,000 non-violent offenses, and investing considerably in communities affected by the war on drugs.