Football fans and tourists are traveling to Detroit as the NFL draft approaches. The city is well-known for its rich cultural legacy as well as its emerging recreational marijuana sector. Following Michigan’s 2018 legalization of recreational marijuana and Detroit’s January 2023 sales launch, the city has witnessed an explosion in the number of dispensaries serving both residents and visitors.

While there is a lot of enthusiasm over the NFL draft, those who want to check out Detroit’s cannabis options could run into some difficulties. There are 31 recreational marijuana outlets in the city, but the downtown area, where the draft celebrations will take place, has a noticeable gap. The city’s northern boundary, 8 Mile Road, is home to the majority of the dispensaries; the others are dispersed around the Corktown district, which is close to downtown.

There are important things to bear in mind for people who are just starting out in the world of legal cannabis. Visitors must provide a valid driver’s license or another form of identification proving they are at least 21 years old in order to enter a dispensary. In addition, cash reigns supreme in this realm as federal restrictions prevent the use of credit cards for transactions. ATMs are available for consumers’ convenience at several dispensaries.

Customers are greeted with an assortment of cannabis items upon entering, like as edibles, extracts, flower, and more. There are, nonetheless, restrictions on the quantity that may be bought at once. Under Michigan law, recreational users may purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis; sales of concentrates are subject to further limitations. Prices vary, but Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency statistics indicate that the average cost of an ounce of recreational marijuana flower is around $92.

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There are restrictions associated with using cannabis. According to Michigan state law, cannabis usage can only take place in private settings, including one’s home. Public use is prohibited. This presents a problem for guests staying in hotels or short-term rentals as they have to get consent from their lodging providers in order to use cannabis on the property. To make matters worse for guests, the NFL has made it clear that marijuana usage is not permitted at the NFL Draft Experience.

Furthermore, even if recreational marijuana use is legal in Michigan, it is still illegal to cross state boundaries with cannabis. While clients from other states are allowed to visit Michigan dispensaries, they are not permitted to legally take their products home. This emphasizes how crucial it is to comprehend the legal restrictions on cannabis use and transportation.

The state of cannabis in Detroit provides an interesting window into how marijuana legalization is developing in the US. Visitors arriving in the city for the NFL draft will have the chance to see a culture that skillfully blends heritage and modern fashion.

Although there aren’t any recreational marijuana outlets in downtown Detroit, visitors are encouraged to explore the city’s many offers. On this historic occasion, Detroit encourages tourists to enjoy the convergence of sports, culture, and cannabis at dispensaries tucked away in the historic Corktown area or bordering 8 Mile Road.

The NFL Draft is one of the biggest days in sports, and many football fans will be interested in enjoying some marijuana as the madness unfolds. Detroit is full of spots for everyone, whether a novice to marijuana or an experienced user.