Curative Mushrooms, a grow kit solution company owned by a Navy veteran turned entrepreneur, Oliver Carlin, has emerged as a passionate advocate for the transformative power of mushrooms. 

Oliver Carlin’s interest in mushrooms sprouted from his quest for holistic health solutions. Inspired by the extensive clinical studies on various mushroom strains, he started researching its benefits, to address issues such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, and addiction. As a Navy veteran with extensive experience in fitness activities, Carlin’s transition into the world of mushrooms was marked by his commitment to share this newfound knowledge with his blogs. In 2019, he founded Curative Mushrooms to simplify the process of growing mushrooms, enabling individuals to harness their health benefits without jumping from one “so-called expert video” to another or even buying costly equipment. 

Recognizing the complexity of growing mushrooms, Carlin embarked on a mission to create foolproof grow kits. Despite facing challenges and investing significant time and resources, Carlin and his team developed a kit to grow mushrooms successfully within 30 days. In 2020, Curative Mushrooms created the simplest grow kit for beginners, allowing users to receive various mushroom spore syringes. The founder has also taken a step ahead to write a book on this for people who want a handy guide. 

Carlin strives to provide clarity through his blogs acknowledging the challenges of operating within legal boundaries. His goal is to educate people on their rights and provide a safe and legal way to grow mushrooms. He believes that once they understand their rights, they will be more likely to take action and grow their own mushrooms.

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Curative Mushrooms offers a range of grow bags for medicinal mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Turkey Tail to name a few. The company has also packaged an all-in-one kit for cultivating “happy mushrooms.” They have continually improved their products, with grow bags capable of producing on average, up to 60 dry grams of mushrooms per grow bag.

The success of Curative Mushrooms is attributed to its engaged community across platforms like X, Facebook, and YouTube. “I feel that the success of Curative Mushrooms is largely due to the support of our community. I am grateful for this and will continue spreading awareness,” expresses Carlin. He remains focused on his advocacy, sharing personal stories of how mushrooms have transformed his life via social media channels. 

Oliver Carlin is launching a new podcast series on Cannabis Radio with Co-Host Josh Nelson. The podcast called, ‘The Conscious Research Project’ will take listeners through a journey of exploring consciousness on levels that most never think of.

Written in partnership with Tom White.