Food is a necessity, but food production is contributing to the harmful impacts the earth is enduring. With traditional agricultural approaches being a major player in greenhouse gas emissions and draining a significant portion of the planet’s freshwater every year, the concerns over climate change are attracting more and more change. Joining forces to address agricultural concerns are Cypress Brake Cannabis Company and Delta One Brands, who are launching an advanced cannabis agricultural approach that will aid in medicinal cannabis production and fresh produce. 

In the heart of the Mississippi Delta, the duo has embarked on a mission to bring artisanal, award-winning cannabis products to the growing medical cannabis industry, launching its premium cannabis brand and cultivation facility. Cypress Brake is leading an agricultural revolution called Cann-Aquatic Regenerative Agriculture (CARA), which is a closed-loop system that combines cannabis cultivation with aquaponics to produce nutrient-dense food with a near-zero impact on the environment. 

Aquaponics is not entirely new, but Cypress Brake’s approach to cannabis cultivation has the potential to address the needs of the medical marijuana market, as well as address the potential food crisis the world could be heading into if agricultural methods do not evolve into more environmentally friendly approaches. 

As a form of agriculture that blends raising fish in tanks (recirculating aquaculture) with soilless plant culture (hydroponics), aquaponics produces nutrient-rich water from the fish, providing a natural fertilizer for the plants. In return, the plants help purify the water for the fish. Cypress Brake’s hope with this innovative agricultural approach, besides aiding the medical marijuana industry, is to produce fresh lettuce, celery, greens, herbs, tomatoes, and much more, addressing food insecurity while conserving water and energy. 

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Matt Beaman, Chief Marketing Officer of Cypress Brake stated, “We’re a team of visionaries, dreamers, and doers, passionately committed to shaping the future of regenerative agriculture across food and all-natural medicine… Thanks to our partnership with Angela TenBroech of Delta Grows, we are excited to build a first-of-its-kind cannabis company that not only produces exceptional cannabis but also fresh pesticide-free produce for the local community.”

CARA’s distinct energy-saving systems will manifest a controlled environment for greenhouse agriculture, containing excess heat generated from the cultivation process that will enable food production every month of the year—meaning fresh produce doesn’t have to be an “in season” genre of food, it can be produced all year round. 

Cypress Brake is licensed for medical cannabis cultivation by the Mississippi State Department of Health, which has decades of experience in the cannabis industry. Bringing their expertise to the team in cultivation, extraction, marketing, and retail, the new Mississippi facility leverages cutting-edge technology such as AI-enabled climate management and custom LED arrays to the production process.

“It’s truly a dream come true to be able to produce all-natural medicine and freshly-grown produce in the heart of the Delta,” said Marcus Holcomb, award-winning Master Cultivator at Cypress Brake. “Our passion has always been to cultivate the finest cannabis cultivars and work with the cannabis plant to unlock its boundless healing potential. Adding in the food and energy elements excites our team and everyone we talk to about the project.”