In a groundbreaking move to introduce THC-infused buffalo wing sauce to the Chicago market, Sunnyside Dispensaries has collaborated with Good News Cannabis and the renowned Fifty/50 sports bar. The much-anticipated product hit the shelves of Sunnyside dispensary on Friday, January 26. This launch coincides with Super Bowl LVIII, bringing a unique twist to the festivities. 

Cresco Labs, the force behind leading cannabis brands like Good News, has pioneered the THC-infused buffalo wing sauce. This trailblazing product is expected to add an unconventional kick to Super Bowl celebrations throughout Chicago and beyond. With every 10-ounce container priced at $30, the buffalo sauce is exclusively accessible to adults aged 21 and over, adhering to legal regulations. 

Fifty/50 sports bar, known for its commitment to bringing people together through sports and gastronomic delights, has played a crucial role in this partnership. Enthusiastic about the potential impact of this new creation, Matt Miller, Head of Operations at the Fifty/50, emphasized the communal spirit behind the venture. Miller stated, “The Fifty/50 is all about bringing people together around sports and great food, and our hope is that the new Big Game wing sauce will foster a sense of camaraderie among Super Bowl fans — regardless of who wins or loses.” 

For those eager to savor the unique flavor profile of the Big Game wing sauce, Sunnyside dispensaries in River North, Wrigleyville, Buffalo Grove, and Schaumburg have stocked the product. Customers are advised to act promptly as supplies are limited. 

Each 10-ounce container features the Fifty/50’s signature mild buffalo sauce infused with 100 milligrams of THC. The $30 price tag reflects the exclusivity behind this pioneering creation. As a product designed for adults, the THC-infused buffalo wing sauce promises an elevated Super Bowl experience to those seeking a novel twist on the traditional game day. 

According to an analysis by Bid On Equipment, buffalo wings top the list of Super Bowl favorites in Illinois. This is where the collaboration is expected to be a game-changer. The National Chicken Council reports that Americans collectively consume over 1 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday, highlighting the cultural significance of this dish during the big game. With Super Bowl LVIII scheduled for February 11 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the introduction of THC-infused buffalo wing sauce has added a unique flair to the nationwide celebration. 

Dana Mason, Vice President of Wholesale Marketing at Cresco Labs, highlights the importance of this partnership, stating, “Buffalo wings and sports go hand in hand, and the Fifty/50 has Chicago’s best wings, so we collaborated on the first THC-infused buffalo wing sauce — the perfect play for game day.” 

The Fifty/50 restaurant, located at 2047 W. Division St. in West Town, typically sells over 1,000 pounds of chicken wings on Super Bowl Sundays. Considering this sales figure, the anticipation of the growing demand for THC-infused buffalo wing sauce is palpable. Loaded with flavor and a unique punch, this innovative culinary creation promises to become a favorite at Super Bowl gatherings. No matter who hosts the game day festivities, these buffalo wings will be appreciated for their bold flavor for years to come.