Magnolia Bakery has partnered with Incredibles to create two cannabis-infused chocolate bars based on their iconic cupcake flavors. This marks the New York-based bakery’s first foray into the cannabis industry.

The new edibles will be available starting Wednesday, November 1, at dispensaries in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Nevada. Two flavors of cannabis-infused chocolate have been created based on Magnolia Bakery’s most popular cupcake flavors, red velvet and banana pudding. The Red Velvet Piece Ahhh Cake Bar has a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, with each piece containing 10mg of each and the entire bar including 100mg of each. The edible is flavored with velvety crimson cake, tangy cream cheese, and rich dark chocolate. The Swirled Famous Banana Pudding Bar contains 10mg of THC per piece and 100mg of THC per bar. It is flavored with freeze-dried bananas, crunchy pieces of vanilla cookies, and a creamy swirl of vanilla pudding. Both edibles will be available for a limited time only at dispensaries owned by Green Thumb Industries, the company behind Incredibles. 

Green Thumb Industries is a national cannabis retailer and owner of several cannabis brands. Their family of brands is comprised of Beboe, Dogwalkers, Doctor Solomon’s, Rhythm, and Good Green, along with Incredibles. Incredibles has been offering chocolate and gummy edibles since 2014. Their regular chocolate flavors include Strawberry Crunch, Mile High Mint, and Black Cherry, and they offer gummies in flavors like Green Apple, Summer Peach, and Watermelon Smash.

Eli Weiner, brand manager for Incredibles, explained to Forbes why the brand’s partnership with Magnolia Bakery was a perfect fit. “Magnolia Bakery has set the standard for tried-and-true desserts much like Incredibles has set the standard for credible edibles that deliver on taste and consistency. We’re confident the synergy between these two brands is a recipe for success!” Weiner wrote in an email. The goal of Incredibles is to deliver wonder, not worry. “No brand is a better fit for delivering wonder to consumers than the iconic Magnolia Bakery,” he commented.

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Magnolia Bakery has become a staple for New Yorkers and tourists since its inception in 1996. The bakery attracts enormous crowds of tourists every day and now has eight locations across the city in addition to storefronts in Chicago and Los Angeles. “We’ve seen plenty of response from our fantastic fans enjoying banana pudding or red velvet cupcakes as their munchies of choice, and we knew we could combine the two into something amazing,” wrote Sara Gramling, vice president of public relations and partnerships at Magnolia in an email to Forbes. “We hope that fans enjoy this all-new way to get baked with Magnolia Bakery.”

Magnolia also currently sells their baked goods on their online storefront, which features nationwide shipping. Their full range of desserts includes cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, ice creams, and more. International customers are welcome to visit their storefronts in India, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. Along with the limited-time-only edibles, Magnolia Bakery is running a special on Thanksgiving pies, available to order online anywhere in the United States.